Blackfoot band covers all its bases

Fred Davis
Staff Writer

Most cover bands, once formed, seem to last for years. A new band, Almost Famous, is a bit different.
They formed about seven months ago, when two members of a former cover group named Quick Change needed just that, a change of scenery.
That is when Judd Erickson and bass player Jeff Allen broke away from Quick Change to form Almost Famous along with friends Anthony Green and the female vocalist Alexis Nicole Stockwell. Most of the members are from Blackfoot or Pocatello.
Almost Famous plays classic rock and classic county, mixed in with current rock and country to give the local area a taste of just about everything that a music lover could want in a barroom setting.
This weekend, Almost Famous is set to help everyone welcome in the New Year in musical fashion.
They will be performing for two nights at Pocatello's New Harmony Pub on Dec. 30 and 31 and they are of the belief that there will be no cover charge for the weekend.
They get a lot of their material from some well-known bands that are currently listed among the Top 40 in both the country rock charts. Tunes from artists like Florida Georgia Line, Garth Brooks and others will flavor the evening for the discerning fan, while they will also be able to listen to music from the likes of Journey, Styx and Boston.
Read the entire article in the Dec. 29 edition of the Blackfoot Morning News.