Blackfoot board approves credit card policy

The Blackfoot School Board trustees started off on a positive note Thursday evening by recognizing the achievements of the Blackfoot High School tennis team.
For the first time ever, the boys tennis team won the district championship and were runners-up to the state champions.
District superintendent Chad Struhs said that some of the district's great accomplishments missed getting recognized when they happen in late May and we wanted to make sure that the team received the recognition that it deserves.
BHS tennis coach Brint Jefferis particularly spotlighted outgoing team members and recent BHS graduates, Tyler Cannon and Meg Matsurra, who are both leaving soon to attend BYU.
"We want to recognize these students for their achievements on the tennis team through the years before they head off to college," Jefferis said. "Their accomplishments on the tennis team have changed Blackfoot tennis forever."
While Cannon and Matsurra, who have both played tennis since they were small children, say they don't plan to pursue tennis professionally at this time, they said that they may get together and play occasionally since they are attending the same college.
The board went on to unanimously approve a new "building credit car purchasing procedure." Brian Kress, the district's business manager, addressed the procedure, asking that every building in the district have access to a credit card for approved school purchases. Currently there is only one credit card in the district for the superintendent's use.
Kress explained that these days, many businesses frown on taking checks and monitoring purchase orders; plus, more purchases are made online.
"Our auditors are gently pushing the district to become more electronic and paperless," Kress said. "Some of the administrators have said that they don't want to have a credit card; they prefer using checks or cash and that's O.K."
Kress stressed that for the schools that choose to use the credit cards, they will be kept in a secure location and that all purchases by staff must be pre-approved and reconciled with district personnel monthly.