Blackfoot board members take their oath

BLACKFOOT—The Blackfoot school board is now complete after new trustees Dewane Wren and Derek Preece along with longtime trustee Mary Jo Marlow were sworn in at a special board meeting Thursday afternoon.
Wren replaced former trustee Peter Lipovac in Zone 2 and Preece replaced Taylor Johansen in Zone 4. Lipovac and Johansen officially resigned from the board at the end of June.
Mary Jo Marlow, who has served on the board for 16 years, was reelected in May for a four year term representing Zone 5.
Blackfoot district superintendent Chad Struhs welcomed the trio to the board saying, "As a school board member you can help get our children the very best education possible. We are grateful to have you serve."
Wren, who has served as Blackfoot High School's principal and as the district superintendent for 1996-2007, said, "My whole career has been in the Blackfoot school district. Serving on the board is a unique situation for me and I am really looking to it. I want to help keep the board open and transparent to the public."
Preece, a past president of the Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce and owner of Blackfoot's "On The Spot Carpet Cleaning and Restoration" is looking forward to his first time serving on the school board, saying, "I'm anxious to get started serving the students and patrons of Blackfoot School District," he said.
Marlow expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to serve on the school board once again.
"I am grateful for the opportunity be involved in education; it's very important to me," she said. "My family has five generations of students who have gone through the Blackfoot school system and my nine grandchildren will attend Blackfoot schools. This is a great place to educate our children."
In March, new board members Carlos Mercardo and Dale Christiansen were sworn into office. Mercado was appointed to replace Jenny Hong in Zone 2 and Christiansen replaced Scott Reece in Zone 3. Reece and Hong resigned from the board in February after recall effort were brought against them.
The first school board meeting scheduled with the entire new board will be held on July 25.