Blackfoot Community Center co-founder receives award

Ashlee Howell, a co-founder of the Blackfoot Community Center, received the Extraordinary Under 40 award at the Idaho State Journal's Business & Achievement Awards on Wednesday.
"Lots of days I don't feel extraordinary," Howell said as she thanked her husband, Casey, and their four children for their support.
"I wish there could be two names on this plaque," Howell said, recognizing co-founder Sandra Weston.
Howell and Weston founder the center in 2007. It now serves over 400 children in the Blackfoot area.
"I'm grateful to be recognized as part of empowering our community because that's what we're all about," Howell said.
Three other Blackfoot residents, including business owners Vern Murray and Amy Mow and volunteer Bonnie Moon were among those nominated for the 11 awards.