Blackfoot Council passes policy on employee recreation perks

BLACKFOOT — The Blackfoot City Council passed an employee policy at their meeting Tuesday defining employee recreation discounts at the Blackfoot Pool and Golf Course.
Councilman Rich Woodfin said city employees have been receiving discounts for several years but there is no policy defining what the discount is and who is eligible to receive the discounts.
"It's been brought to my attention from a number of people," Woodfin said. "Really there is no policy at this time."
The council unanimously passed an employee policy defining recreation discounts for city employees. All full-time city employees, their spouse and immediate family living in the home; part-time employees and their spouse; and retired city employees with at least eight years of city employment and their spouse qualify for a 50 percent discount at the Blackfoot Pool and Golf Course.
Additionally, employees at the pool can swim at no cost, and employees at the golf course can golf at no cost.
Woodfin said it's a small perk for city employees at a small cost to the city.