Blackfoot has gas cramps

A gas sign from a service station just off Hwy. 91 on Thusday, April 22. The top price observed in Blackfoot was $3.10.
Catie Clark

Prices for gasoline have increased more the 50 cents in less than two months in the Blackfoot area. Gas stations are also listing prices which are higher than surrounding communities.
On Monday, April 23, gas in Blackfoot ranged in price from $3.03 to $3.10.
In Firth, Shelley and Fort Hall, gas prices were highly variable but lower overall. The price in Firth was $2.99, according to one resident. Fort Hall prices were $2.97 as reported on the gas-tracking web site Shelley had prices that varied from $2.94 to $2.99.
In comparison, gasoline was no bargain in Pocatello, with prices as high $3.09. Regardless, some stations were identified with selling gas as cheap as $2.97
In Idaho Falls, reported peak prices of $2.99 and bargains as low at $2.92.
There is one possible pattern: all the smaller communities surrounding Blackfoot have lower prices; however, this distribution of costs does not have a obvious explanation.
Local gas station managers did not have any answers as to why Blackfoot prices are so much higher than Fort Hall, Firth and Shelley.
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