Blackfoot High students share in history

Talk about timing.
The Blackfoot High School (BHS) We the People team was only a few miles from the White House on Sunday when they heard that terrorist Osama bin Laden, mastermind of 9-11, had been killed.
"Sunday night, we had returned from a dance when the We the People Idaho state coordinator called to say, 'Get down to the White House,' said Mitch Jensen, BHS We the People competitor.
"We crowded into our coach's room to watch the television and hear President [Barack] Obama's address," he said. "We were all excited, wondering if [the news of bin Laden's death] was true.
"It was past curfew so we were not able to go [to the White House], Jensen said.
"There's a lot of energy [here]; it's crazy, insane," said Jensen. "It's amazing. What are the odds we would be here?
"We were originally going to place a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery but decided to place the wreath at the 9-11 Memorial at the Pentagon," Jensen added.
For the past week, the BHS We the People team has been in Washington, D. C., participating in the national competition.
Shaina Rawson, another BHS We the People competitor, said, "It's pretty crazy here.
"It's really exciting," Rawson said. "Sunday night, we didn't go to the White House because of safety issues."
Monday, the We the People team stood behind the White House, toured Arlington and visited the Iwo Jima memorial.
"Security is a lot tighter today [Monday], Rawson said.
"The whole trip has been a great experience," she said. "It's been a great opportunity for me."
"It's exciting," said Meena Hijazi, BHS We the People competitor. "It feels that we're part of something—something that is an historic event."
We the People advisor Holly Kartchner said the team had gone to Arlington to place a wreath on the grave of an Idaho soldier.
After bin Laden was killed, team members decided to place the wreath at the 9-11 memorial at the Pentagon.
"it's a pretty exciting time to be here," said Kartchner. "And, it's a pretty somber time to be here."
The We the People team returns to Blackfoot tonight.