Blackfoot horse wins race in Oregon

The quarter horse, BCR Buds For All, won the Portland Meadows quarter horse race Monday. This 5-year-old American Quarter Horse is owned by Jeff Steadman of Blackfoot.
"You have a 10 percent chance of winning because there are 10 horses running," Steadman said.
Steadman bought Buddy as a weinling—a 5-month-old colt—from Billingsley Creek Ranch.
Buddy was bred for running, Steadman said. Buddy is now 5 years old. Monday's race was Buddy's 26th. He has won seven starts.
For winning the Portland Meadows race, Steadman received a trophy, a blanket and prize money. The purse totaled $12,250. The winner earned half.
Portland Meadows is a 400-yard race. The average length of a Quarter Horse race is 350 yards, Steadman said.
As long as the horse is sound and healthy, Steadman will continue to race him.
"Part of the strategy of horse racing is picking the race for the horse at that particular point in his career," Steadman said. "It's a challenging hobby.
"I want to thank the people who helped me," he said.
"Craig Giles has a nice indoor barn in Shelley that allowed me to get Buddy all the way ready for the race," Steadman said. "Nick Conquest, Cody Hyde and Wyatt Elison also helped.
Elison is a former jockey. Hyde taught Steadman how to train his horse.
"I train my horses," said Steadman. "I couldn't afford it otherwise."
Steadman owns Steadman Construction in Blackfoot.