Blackfoot man was among D-Day participants

The U.S. Army Rangers were organized in 1943 as a light artillery unit.
Edward (Eddie) Krumenacker, father of Blackfoot Fire Department Captain Dave Krumenacker, was in an artillery unit before transferring to the Rangers in 1944. He was a Tech 5th grade, a radioman, with the 5th Rangers.
The first military action the Rangers saw was on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. There were six Ranger divisions. The 2nd and 5th saw action at Normandy in northern France. The 1st, 3rd and 4th were stationed in Italy and the 6th division was assigned to the Pacific Theatre.
Krumenacker, who died in 1995, also saw action on the fateful day.
"My dad didn't talk about his war experiences much," said Dave. "As he got older, he would speak more about them and then he would remember all the boys that died and he would start to cry. That would be the end of the conversation."
Dave Krumenacker has done extensive research on the Rangers and on D-Day.
On D-Day, the 2nd Rangers were assigned to take Pointe-Du-Hoc which is situated between Omaha and Utah beaches. The Rangers were equipped to climb the 100-meter cliffs with ropes, ladders and also two 100-foot fire ladders borrowed from the London Fire Brigades, said Dave.
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