Blackfoot Police investigating home invasion robbery

Blackfoot Police Department did not reveal a lot of information about the home invasion/robbery that took place about 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 21.
"We are being very careful what information we are releasing," said Blackfoot Police Capt. Kurt Asmus. "There is certain information that only the victims, police and suspect would know."
The burglary was on Fullmer Lane.
The suspect made contact with the family as they returned home, the police report stated. The couple and their pre-school children were ordered into a room at gunpoint and the suspect demanded money.
The suspect wore a mask.
After receiving the money, the suspect demanded the family wait before calling the police.
The family waited the agreed upon time before notifying the police, said Capt. Asmus.
The suspect was at the scene with the family about 30 minutes, stated the police report.
The Blackfoot Police Department is continuing the investigation. Anyone with any information may contact the Blackfoot Police Department at 785-1234.