Blackfoot School Board assesses flood damage

Blackfoot School District Superintendent Chad Struhs said that the Aug. 6 flash flood that hit town could have easily ruined Blackfoot High School's entire new gym floor had it not been for the quick work of the custodial staff in the building when the water started rushing in.
Struhs addressed the flood damage that the district incurred at the school board meeting on Tuesday night, saying that "several buildings were flooded" from the storm.
Stuhs said that water poured off the back side of the building and into the gym, warping part of the floor. Workers have sanded and re-stripped the damaged part of the floor and that "the warpage has gone back into place."
"Twenty-three (GCA) custodians were in the building when it hit. They were able to salvage quite a bit." he said. "Had they not been there, we could've lost a larger portion of the floor or the entire floor."
Struhs said that the damage done cost the district its insurance deductible of $2,500. Had the gym floor been completely damaged, it could've cost the district around $200,000 to replace.
The gym floor should be ready for use by Sept. 8. As a preventative measure, the district will look into putting in another drain.
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