Blackfoot schools honor retirees

Educators retiring from the Blackfoot Public School District, from left-to-right: Mike Torgerson, Blackfoot High School (BHS); Jeff Powers, BHS; Melinda Powers, Ridge Crest Elementary (RC); Layne "Skip" Gardner, BHS, BHS; Cleon Chapman, BHS; Denise Taylor, Stoddard Elementary School; Mike Hiatt, BHS; Lori Stokes, RC; Scott Lambert, BHS; and Cheryl Koompin, BHS. Not present: Carol Johansen of Wapello Elementary School.
Catie Clark

The Blackfoot Public School District honored 11 educators who are retiring at the end of the school year. The district held a retirement ceremony followed by a short reception on Monday at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center.
Eight of the retirees were from Blackfoot High School (BHS): Mike Torgerson, Jeff Powers, Layne "Skip" Gardner, Cleon Chapman, Mike Hiatt, Scott Lambert, and Cheryl Koompin. The rest of the retiring teachers were Melinda Powers and Lori Stokes from Ridge Crest Elementary School, Denise Taylor from Stoddard Elementary and Carol Johnson from Wapello Elementary School.
Superintendent Brian Kress opened the ceremony with words addressed to the retirees: "You as teachers filled a crucial role in society. It took strength, determination, perseverance, compassion, and love. You are under-appreciated and underpaid and yet you gave a great contribution to the community by being educators."
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