Blackfoot schools show growth in AYP

BLACKFOOT — Schools in the Blackfoot School District showed an average three percent growth over the previous year on the Idaho Standards Achievement Tests, according to figures presented Thursday at the Board of Trustees meeting.
Of all students in the district, 90.5 percent tested proficient in reading and 82.5 percent tested proficient in math.
Schools demonstrating the most growth from 2009-2010 to 2010-2011 were I.T. Stoddard and Fort Hall Elementary schools—both of which met adequate yearly progress for the 2010-2011 school year. Wapello Elementary and Blackfoot High School also met AYP.
At all elementary schools—with the exception of Fort Hall Elementary—at least 89 percent of all students tested proficient in both reading and math. Fort Hall Elementary has met AYP for the past two years for demonstrating growth.
If Stoddard Elementary meets AYP next year, the "needs improvement" status will be removed. Mountain View Middle School was declared "new school status" last year, and this year's figures will be used as a benchmark for next year. The school will need to meet AYP next year or will be placed into "needs improvement" status.
District Testing Coordinator Ryan Wilson said the test results are used for data-driven decision making at the school level, and teachers can use the data to look at their class and individual students to create targeted instruction.
Superintendent Scott Crane said teachers and students in the district are doing a good job and working hard, pointing out that the district has shown four-year growth of 14.6 percent in reading and 15.9 percent in math.