Blackfoot seniors receive awards ,scholarships

BLACKFOOT — Blackfoot High School students were recognized Friday at an assembly announcing scholarship recipients and other awards.
Fifty-three seniors reported receiving more than $284,000 in scholarship offers and awards from various schools, organizations and individuals.
Valedictorian Daniel Burt was awarded with a full-ride music scholarship and half-ride academic scholarship to Brigham Young University-Provo. He also received a $7115 scholarship to Interlochen Center for the Arts Summer Arts Camp and a $3,000 scholarship from Darwin and Joyce Stufflebeam.
The salutatorian is Taylor Sandow and top scholars include Logan Christiansen, Dallin Evans, Isaac Hong, Hannah Miller, Elise Moser, Camille Norton, Collin Rockwood and Kevin Sommercorn.

The following students were named outstanding students for the Class of 2011:
Communications: Quinci Mortensen, Michael Prudhomme and Amy Porter
Science: Sam Cannon and Vanessa Wislodoski
Business: Erin Adolfson and Karissa Bales
Math: Justin Cannon
Social Studies: Sheldon Moss, Carly Ames and Brett Coles
Vocational: Samantha Bales (Auto), Cody Cunningham (Cabinet Making), Janelle Cruz (CNA), Joe Lawhon (Welding), Anna Pratt (Ag) and Emily Roberts (Family and Consumer Science)
Art: Derek Dyreng
Physical Education: Titus Robinson and Toni Rodriguez
Foreign Language: Preston St. John (Spanish)
Fine Arts: Shaina Rawson (Music), Dillin Diggie (Band), Haley Krehbiel (Choir) and Mark Breshears (Drama)

Students receiving academic letters are:
Seniors: Marc Matsuura (letter), Collin Rockwood (bar) and Anna Smith (bar)
Juniors: Cameron Baker, Kiah Brown, Brad Carter, Aubreanna Crabtree, Rhett Davenport, Jaden Davis, Ryan Gallegos, Nick Hall, Kylie Hickman, Mark Hudson, Jeremy Johnson, Ashley Kunz, Lindsay Loveland, Lacie Palmer, Tylie Polatis, MaKayla Rowsell, Dominick Smiddy, Brittany Spraker, Nateijie Truman and Lindsay Turpin.

BHS HOBY Representatives June 2011: Miraya Andrews and Anthony Smith

2011 Scholarship Awards:
Erin Adolfson: University of Idaho, Academic Achievement Level S $1,500, Freshman Access Scholarship: $2,000, Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B $400, Portland State-Opportunity $4,500;
Melina Andrade: Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam $1,000;
Carly Ames: University of Idaho;
Karissa Bales: Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam $2,000;
Madison Bartausky: University of Idaho;
Chelsea Barzee: Blackfoot Education Foundation: $1,000;
Samantha Bates: Promise;
Brandi Bird: Energy Solutions Foundation $2,000;
Samual Blackburn: University of Idaho, National Honor Society $50
Garrett Buck: Progress Rebekah Lodge $500, Karl & Lucile Ferrin $500, Richard Johnston Scholarship $1,000, Pepsi: $500, Dillard $1,000, Spence Gardner, Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam $2,000 United Methodist Men Scholarship;
Daniel Burt: BYU-Provo Music full-tuition, BYU-Provo Academic half-tuition, Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam $3,000;
Dakota Cervanak: Automotive $38,500, Prizes $700, United Methodist Scholarship $500;
Logan Christiansen: Batelle Energy Alliance: $2,000, National Honor Society $50;
Janelle Cruz: Bingham County Career Fair $500;
Cody Cunningham: Bingham County Farm Bureau $250, Blackfoot Education Foundation $1,000;
Mataya Franson: LDS Business College $1,115 per semester;
Morgan Gasea: Automotive $45,000, ISU $500, Prizes $1,200, Prizes $500;
Tyler Greene: Grove City Masonic Lodge: $500, University of Utah $8,000;
Yared Guiterrez: Rotary $500;
Charlie Hansen: University of Idaho; Blackfoot Education Association: $600
Isaac Hong: Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam $4,000
Beau Hoskins: Dixie State: $8,000; Bronco Booster's Award, Trenkle Memorial $100;
Janet Jimenez: Upward Bound $1,773;
Morgan Kawamura: Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam $2,000, Dr. Harris Scholarship $3,200, Blackfoot Education Foundation $1,000,
Haley Krehbiel: Idaho Meth Campaign $500, Blackfoot Jr. Miss $400, Elks Most Valuable Student $600, Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam $2,000, American Musical and Dramatic Academy Hollywood VIP $1,000 per year, American Musical and Dramatic Academy Honors at Entrance $2,500 per year;
Joseph Lawhon: Automotive $1,000, Welding $1,000;
Brakkin Leavitt: Blue Mountain, Treasure Valley;
Emily Lish: Principal's Award $50, Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam $2,000;
Julia Martin: LDS Business College $300;
Elizabeth Martinez: Youth Hispanic Symposium $1,000, Upward Bound $1,773;
Dakota Mecham: Pepsi $500;
Hannah Miller: Utah State University $10,500, University of Utah $10,000, Jr. Miss $6,500, South East Financial Outstanding Student Athlete $500;
Quinci Mortensen: Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam: $2,000;
Sheldon Moss: VFW Voice of Democracy;
Hector Munoz: ISU $1,000, University of Idaho, $500, University of Idaho $3,600;
Camille Norton Westmark $500;
Lacie Parmenter: American Legion;
Ariel Pearce: University of Idaho;
Ruby Pelayo: Pursuit of Excellence: $1,000, Con Borlin Scholarship $6,000, Rotary $500, Blackfoot Education Foundation $1,000; Zeta B. Smith Scholarship;
Anna Pratt: University of Idaho
Amy Porter: Chris Gardner $1,500, Grove City Masonic Lodge $500, Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam $2,000;
Collin Rockwood Darwin & Joyce Stufflebeam $2,000, National Honor Society $500;
Shante Sanchez-Hoover: University of Idaho;
Kayden Scott: University of Idaho;
Taylor Sheepskin: Trenkle Memorial $100;
Anna Smith: United Methodist Men Scholarship;
Dakota Stokes: University of Idaho;
Michaela Struhs: Richard Johnston Scholarships: $1,000, United Methodist Men Scholarship $500;
Amanda Trejo: Utah State University $10,500;
Angelica Velasquez: University of Idaho;
Rebekah Wright: University of Utah: $8,000;
Phillip Woods: Bronco Boosters $50;
William Woods: BYU-Provo half-tuition, Bronco Boosters $50.