BMH installs advanced patient monitoring system

BLACKFOOT — Bingham Memorial Hospital (BMH) in Blackfoot is one of the first hospitals in Southeast Idaho to offer the Patient SafetyNet Monitoring System.
Patient SafetyNet is a remote monitoring system that uses bedside oxygen monitors and medical staff notification system to alert healthcare providers to dangerous changes in patient oxygen levels.
Using some of the latest technology from Masimo corporation, almost every hospital bed at BMH is equipped with a new bedside screen to monitor vitals through a new oximeter. (The Women's Center will be added in the coming months.)
An oximeter is a small finger clamp that monitors the patient's pulse and the concentration of oxygen found in their bloodstream. This information is then sent to a central monitoring station that notifies doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists of any changes to a patient's vitals in real-time.
"Real-time patient monitoring means additional levels of safety for patients and their families," said Clint Hagerty, Director of Respiratory Services at BMH. "This amount of monitoring allows care providers to respond immediately to the needs of a patient.
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