Board approves moving forward with levy election

BLACKFOOT — Blackfoot school board members received no visible flak from the public at a brief meeting Thursday night where they unanimously moved to proceed with a $1.975 million "maintenance and operation" supplemental levy election on March 12.
The levy, which was originally formed in 2007 to help supplement teachers salaries and invest in technology and facilities for the students, is up for renewal every two years.

Chris Cannon, a member of the board's Fiance Budget Committee addressed the board asking that the levy be put up for a renewal vote in March.
Cannon suggested that in light of recent distractions around the board's use of public finances, that the levy funds be kept in separate account and that the funds be reviewed by 'a third party' and that all usage of the funds are transparent to the community.
"The goal of the levy is to directly benefit the students," Cannon noted. "The needs of the students remain and continue to grow. The time to move forward is now."
All board members were in agreement with Cannon's recommendations.
If the levy passes in March, it will be in effect July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013.