Boys wish granted

BLACKFOOT — Carson Hall is going to Disneyland.
The five-year-old Blackfoot boy was selected by the Make-a-Wish Foundation to go to Disneyland to make his wish of meeting Mickey Mouse come true.
Carson was born with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects brain and nervous system functions such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing and thinking. He is the son of Lisa and Steven Hall of Blackfoot.
“He’s had a hard start,” Lisa said.
The first few years of Carson’s life were difficult, and it was unknown exactly how cerebral palsy would affect him. He has had two surgeries and is undergoing treatment for cerebral palsy and hydrocephalis, which is a buildup of fluid on the brain that leads to brain swelling.
“We take it a day at a time,” Lisa said. “It’s been a learning process for us.”
He was slow in learning to crawl and walk, and will likely lose his ability to walk as he gets older.
“It’s been amazing, the growth that he has shown,” Lisa said. “He’s got a great spirit.”
Despite his treatments, Carson is a happy five-year-old who loves to dance, play with this three-year-old brother Zachary and he loves the Disney movie “Cars.”
“No matter what, he’s always had a smile on his face,” Lisa said.
He also has a special spot for Mickey Mouse.
“I like Mickey Mouse,” Carson said.
The Make-a-Wish Foundation has arranged for Carson and his family—including mom Lisa, dad Steven and brother Zach—to stay four nights in Anaheim, Calif. They will go to Disneyland, California Adventure, Knott’s Berry Farm and Medieval Times. Carson will have breakfast with Goofy, and will have his opportunity to meet Mickey. They leave for California today.
“He’s way excited about riding on an airplane,” Lisa said. “He’s way excited about doing everything.”
The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho will grant up to 100 wishes during this fiscal year, which runs from September 2010 to August 2011.
“It’s been amazing what the Make-a-Wish Foundation has done,” Lisa said. “They do an amazing job.”