'Brigadoon' set coming together at Nuart

The set backdrop of the musical, "Brigadoon," is taking shape at the Nuart Theater in Blackfoot. Artists have been working evenings to develop the feel of the Scottish highlands.
Blackfoot artist Ken Spencer sketched the background "as I was sitting in the theater with the Mosers, who are the directors of the play."
Spencer then painted a color study to figure out what colors he wanted used.
"Each two-inch square on the color sketch equals two-feet on the backdrop," said Spencer.
"The color sketch was then drawn square by square onto the backdrop," he said. "This method has been used for centuries to transfer something from a sketch to a larger medium.
"Then I called in all the troops, all the favors and all the friends," Spencer said. "I can't do it alone."
"This is on such a big scale," said Collete Stosich.
The 18-inch by 30-inch color sketch was transferred onto the backdrop that measures 18 feet by 35 feet.
"I did this for a little bit of fun and mostly because it's fun working with people," Spencer said. "I came to help the play out."
Eight artists have been working on the set backdrop.
Stephen Stosich said he has learned how to clean brushes.
High School student Christine McPhie is working on the backdrop for a school project.
Natalie Bickler said she learned a lot about brush strokes.
"I wish there was a brush about 50-feet long so I could sit and paint the backdrop," she said.
"Brigadoon" opens at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 24, 25, 27, March 2, 3, and 5. There is a matinee on March 3.
Tickets cost $5 for opening night and $7 per seat for all other shows.