Bronchos near-perfect defense not good enough

Blackfoot's Caleb Wilson and Jace Jorgensen complete two runs at the bottom of the sixth inning, batted in by Carter Cooper's hit deep into left field. Despite a rally in the sixth, the Broncos lost to Twin Falls, 5-3.Cayden Cornell is out at first base at the bottom of the seventh inning. Despite a near-perfect defense and the same number of hits as opponent Twin Falls, Blackfoot's offense did not prosper on Friday at the 4A championships. The Broncos lost 5-3.Bronco Jared Gough smacks the ball fast and low at the bottom of the third inning, bringing Cayden Cornell in to score the team's first run and advancing Joseph Maddox to second base. Despite an equal number of hits and an error-free defense, the Broncos lost 5-3.Powerhouse Twin Falls had an amazing second inning against the Blackfoot Broncos, who despite an equal number of hits and tight, error-free defense, couldn't catch back up, even with a rally in the sixth. The Broncos lost 5-3.
Catie Clark

At Melaleuca Field in Idaho Falls, the Blackfoot Broncos played near-perfect defense on Friday morning at the 4A state baseball tournament. Despite that, they couldn't catch up to opponent Twin Falls' heart-stopping four-run second inning and lost 5-3.
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