Buckaroos participate in rodeo

FIRTH – The number totaled 379 buckaroos who participated last weekend in the Little Buckaroo Rodeo at Firth. On Friday, there were 196 buckaroos; Saturday saw 183.
Family, friends and a host of support staff were on hand to cheer on the buckaroos.
This is a family activity, giving youngsters a taste of rodeo.
There are stick pony races, a ribbon pulling and a ribbon tying contest, sheep riding, calf riding, barrel racing, goat milking, sheep dressing plus a pig scramble and chicken scramble.
Announcers Mark Pratt and Wayne Jensen have as much fun as the audience, if not more.
They merrily give names to all the sheep and calves as each competitor settles in for a fast ride. Each rider’s objective is to get from the chute to the end of the arena. Not many accomplish that goal but there are some tremendous tumbles.
Rodeo clowns are on hand to help each buckaroo.
In the pig scramble, it’s almost even—one greased pig facing the greasy hands of any number of kids.
On Saturday night, the pig, named Bravado, eluded his 12 would be captors. The pig lead them back and forth across the arena. After a number of near misses, Dakota Bromley finally tackled the pig at the south end of the arena.
This year, buckaroos were registered from Idaho, Utah, Washington and Las Vegas. The buckaroo who traveled the most miles to participate in the rodeo was Jessica Cmor from Buffalo, N.Y. She rode in barrel racing on Saturday evening.
Until two weeks ago, Jessica had never been on a horse. To prepare for this event, she took riding lessons and since arriving here for a family reunion, she practiced on her cousin’s horse.
Upon completing her ride, Jessica’s smile said it all as she turned the horse, Elmo, around the last barrel and headed for the chutes. Mission accomplished for a job well done.
“The rodeo is wonderful,” said her mother, Dawn Cmor.
“It was another good year,” said Stop ‘n’ Shop owner, Vicky Youngstrom.
“We couldn’t do it without everyone’s help,” said Dixie Finck, registrar of the rodeo. “The rule among the alumni is, unless we see your name in the obits, you’re still on for next year.
“Each year, people put it in their plans to help,” she said. “It works out well.”
The Little Buckaroo Rodeo is sponsored by the Firth FFA Alumni and the City of Firth. Proceeds go to help the Firth FFA and 4-H projects.