BURA budget hearing set

BLACKFOOT — The Blackfoot Urban Renewal Agency will host a public hearing Tuesday for consideration of its proposed $2.3 million budget. The meeting will be at 7 a.m. at City Hall in Blackfoot.
The Blackfoot Urban Renewal Agency (BURA) oversees three urban renewal districts. The Parkway-Meridian District extends from Interstate 15 to Wilson Avenue to Cedar Street including Jensen Grove Park. The Downtown District includes most of downtown Blackfoot including Bridge and Judicial Streets and Ash and Broadway. The Riverview District is located on the west side of Interstate 15 and includes Premier Technology.
The Parkway-Meridian District and Downtown District are both scheduled to expire in December of 2012. BURA Executive Director Ginette Manwaring said they have budgeted $1 million in the Parkway-Meridian District and $900,000 in the Downtown District for economic development projects but have not decided which projects the money will be spent on, if at all.
The BURA board of directors have discussed several economic development projects including rehabilitating Cedar Street in the Parkway-Meridian District and a project that involves creating additional parking in the Downtown District, but have not decided where to spend the money.
Any viable project would increase the taxable market value, significantly increase economic development and create jobs. Projects must also improve an area previously unsuitable for economic development.
Manwaring said while the board has discussed projects, they welcome viable ideas from the community. Anyone with ideas can contact Cindy Park at 785-8600 to be placed on the BURA agenda. The board meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7 a.m. at City Hall.
Other listed expenses in the Meridian-Parkway District include $50,000 for facade improvement grants, $150,000 for Jensen Grove improvements and $15,000 for county tax reimbursement.
In the Downtown District, $5,000 has been budgeted for street-scaping and $60,000 for facade improvement grants.
No projects are planned for the Riverview District, which expires in 2025. A sum of $79,750 will be paid on the bond used to create the district.