Businessman wants to become mayor

Longtime Blackfoot businessman John Hoobler is running for mayor of Blackfoot with a vision of seeing more people in the community find a good job or open their own business in town.
Hoobler shares his quest for Blackfoot's top leadership position with Dan Cravens, Rick Bigler, Carlos Mercardo, Carlos Martinez and Paul Loomis. Blackfoot's current mayor Mike Virtue will not seek reelection.
Hoobler, a Blackfoot resident for the past 24 years, said, "I have gone to high school here, worked here, owned businesses and raised a family here."
He currently runs a photography business in town called "Artistry and Light."
"Our town has given me some great opportunities. I would like to see others in our community have those same opportunities of of finding a good job or even becoming and entrepreneur and opening their own business," he said.
Hoobler praised Blackfoot for "having a great diversity of skill sets" and "encourages businesses to hire these talented people."
"I will work with building owners and current/future business owners to see if we can get these vacancies that we have throughout Blackfoot - filled, " he said. "The more businesses we have in Blackfoot, the more jobs we keep in Blackfoot."
Hoobler claims he is not a politician, saying, "I am not here to make promises that I cannot keep or tell you things that you want to hear and then not follow through. There is enough of that already and we don't need it on a local level as well. What I do promise is to do the best that I can."
Hoobler said he feels fortunate to have lived in the "wonderful community of Blackfoot" for most of his life.
"I would love to the opportunity to give back to Blackfoot some of what it has given to me by being your mayor."
The city elections will be held on Nov. 5, 2013.