Career fair well-attended

Hundreds of students from every high school in Bingham County attended the Career Fair that took place at Snake River High School Tuesday. Representatives of universities and colleges and about 40 businesses answered students' questions.
"We want to get all kids engaged in thinking past high school," said Nathan Satterthwaite, one of the organizers of this event.
"The students are asking good questions this year," said Blackfoot Police Capt. Kurt Asmus.
Students thought the Career Fair was "pretty cool."
"It was very informative," said David Iniguez.
"It's alright; I like it," said another.
Alycia Atriano said the Career Fair was "pretty amazing. I feel privileged to be able to see the variety of careers offered here."
"I really enjoyed it," said Alice Cannon. "Not only did we get free stuff but we learned about careers and colleges."
Some students not only learned about cosmetology and ethics and beauty schools, they also took advantage of a new hair-do.
Jeremy Field, Regional Director for Senator James Risch was encouraging students to look into internships with the Idaho congressional contingent.
Luis Antonio Carrillo explained the program, "Trio," that helps students get to college.
"It's made of three parts," Carrillo said. "These are the Educational Talent Search (ETS), Upward Bound and Student Support Services (SSS)."
All are federal programs, he said. ETS and Upward Bound are tutoring programs in high school. SSS is at the college level.
These programs are available for everyone, said Carrillo.
Bingham Crisis Center advertised perimeters of relations—respect, individuality, responsibility, space and trust.
Students could explore what was available through the National Guard and a representative of the Idaho National Lab (INL) explained how interconnected the fields of STEM are. That's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.