Carolyn Campbell, 58

Carolyn Campbell was 56 when she passed away in her home in Blackfoot, Idaho on Saturday February 15th 2014. She was born November 13, 1957 in Pocatello, Idaho to David (Imera) and Larene (Tom). In a style that blossomed into a love for travel, Carolyn moved a lot in her youth, the majority of which was spent in Blackfoot, Idaho and Spokane, Washington. She was married in 1991 to Steven Reimers and had two children, Nicole and Tanner, who were most important in her life.
Among many passions, art was her most precious. She was skilled in water colors and graphic design, and enjoyed making pieces for the joy of family and friends. Loved ones around the country will be looking on their treasures signed by Carolyn with a mix of bitter sweet memory. Her love of art, however, wasn’t limited to paper. Music filled Carolyn’s life every day. She adored both making it and dancing to it. Her free-spirit took her to all parts the country, introducing her to new experiences and people. She took that love of adventure and instilled it into all aspects of her life. She used her art as a means for exploring different worlds, selling it in farmer’s markets and small shops across the West.
Family was a coveted treasure for Carolyn. She had many siblings; Rosalia (Paul), Anthony (Debbie), Odell, Dee Dee (Frank), Jinna (Earl), Richard (Lori), Pamela (Clement), and all her beloved aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and countless cousins. However, anyone who entered Carolyn’s life was considered family, and the circle is wide and never ending; Roger (Rikki), Stacy (Lance), Pricilla, and many, many more. She was commonly found bragging about the accomplishments of her oldest, Nicole, and would ceaselessly make known her vast pride in her. One of her favorite joys was gathering around with those she loved and talking over favorite drinks and music. She was preceded in death by her grandparents, her father David and her father Tom.
A meet and greet will be held at Hawker’s Funeral Home on Wednesday, February 19th from 1-3 pm.