CDT shares with hungry, lonely

Nearly 300 people took advantage of Community Dinner Table's Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.
"We had a truly blessed day with 270 souls," said Lee Hammett, a member of the Community Dinner Table board of directors. "Each had the opportunity to describe four things they were thankful for.  Many asked us to read them aloud - so we did. It was both heartwarming and touching to read the many variations of thankfulness about family, friends, food and faith.
"One gentleman came up to me and said, "You know I don't need the food.  But what I really come for is to break bread with others - to calm my loneliness," Hammett continued,
"Yes, need comes in many favors, not the least of which is quality interaction with other souls," Hammett said,"CDT is a safe haven for these needs, and Thanksgiving is a most fitting day to share our blessings with everyone in the community with such needs!
CDT, which sponsored Thursday's meal. typically serves 300 people at its weekly meals.
It is sponsored by approximately 20 faith-based groups who take turns deciding upon a menu and serving a free hot meal to all comers each Tuesday throughout the winter. The organization also sponsors a community garden and a summer meal among other activities.
Its board, family members and LDS Church missionaries were among those who prepared and served the free dinner.
"I'm here having a good time and trying to help people," said Cole Critchfield, whose uncle Chris Cannon is a member of the CDT board. Critchfield said he came over from Star Valley, Wyo.
"What better way to show the Lord we're thankful for things than helping other people?" asked Elder Ponce, an LDS missionary from West Jordan, Utah. He was joined by his companion, Elder Cooley of Thousand Oaks, Calif.