City cleans up Idaho Disposal mess

Idaho Disposal Systems, a recycling business on Wilson Street in Blackfoot, closed down last fall. However, that didn't stop people from continuing to drop off their garbage (recyclable or otherwise) - creating what began to resemble a mini- landfill in the parking lot.
With the spring thaw and windy conditions, the garbage was becoming more than eyesore, blowing into yards and up and down the street; prompting complaints from residents in the area and throughout the community.
While the City of Blackfoot technically isn't responsible for cleaning up a mess left on someone's private property, Mayor Mike Virtue coordinated a cleanup effort at the defunct business on Wednesday in hopes of keeping the mess at bay until a fence can be put up around the facility.
Jerry Stuart, who lives on Wilson Avenue, said it his understanding that Idaho Disposal Systems went bankrupt last fall and that the owners of the business have left the area, leaving the property in the hands of the bank.
"It has been a mess all winter but it kind of stayed frozen to the ground," Stuart said. "Now that the weather has warmed up and the wind has been blowing the mess was going everywhere." Stuart said he is grateful to the city for taking the initiative to clean up the mess.
Blackfoot Police Lt. Scott Gay, who helped with the city's cleanup effort, said that the mess left behind was beyond recyclables.
"It was to the point where people were just dumping all of their household garbage there; they figured it's an abandoned property, but the reality's littering and unauthorized disposal." Gay said.
Gay said that it is the city's intention to put up a fence around the area in the near future to keep people off the property. He asks that people utilize other recycling businesses in the area. Gay reminds the public of the upcoming citywide cleanup day on May 18 from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds.
Local recycling options in Blackfoot include Bingham Curbside Recycling (681-8597) and Millcreek Metals (684-3795).