City looking at crosswalk safety

Blackfoot police chief Kurt Asmus recently discussed potential upgrades to crosswalks in response to the concerns expressed in a letter to the editor by Madison Thompson.
"There have been a couple of accidents in crosswalks within the last six months," said Asmus.
City officials have been working with the Blackfoot School District to improve the lighting in the area of the Blackfoot High School crosswalk, the chief said.
"We are also looking at putting lighted crosswalk signs up at that location," said Asmus. "This will improve driver awareness for the crosswalk at times students arrive at school when it is still dark outside.
"We have tried using flags in the past but that didn't work out so well," he said. "We are looking into using a breakaway post that would put a light in the middle of the street.
"We want people in the city to be proactive," said Asmus.
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