City to pay EPA $92K for 2003 bill

BLACKFOOT — The City of Blackfoot will pay the Environmental Protection Agency $92,000 in the 2012 fiscal year for unpaid invoices from 2003. The City Council approved the amount during their meeting Tuesday.
The outstanding invoices are from the upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant, which was completed in 2003. The City of Blackfoot worked with various agencies including the EPA to fund the project.
An audit by the EPA in 2008 found the city owed more than $1 million to the agency for the project. After further review, that figure was reduced to $92,658.
Mayor Mike Virtue said the original figure was the result of counting duplicate receipts. He said the project was complex and involved numerous agencies and companies. As a result, the city owes the EPA for invoices the city should have been responsible for.
Virtue will send a letter of intent to pay to the EPA and will figure the amount into the 2012 budget. There have been no fines or penalties assessed regarding the payments.
Also at the meeting, the council approved a lease-purchase agreement for a new sanitation truck. The city approved the purchase of the truck in December for $239,236.87, pending financing. The city budgeted $58,000 during the current fiscal year and will make three additional payments in the next three years. The interest rate on the lease agreement is 4.025 percent.
The City Council will begin discussing the 2012 fiscal year budget this month and will set a work meeting for July 19. They plan to review the preliminary budget Aug. 2 with a public hearing tentatively scheduled for Aug. 16.