City reviews ambulance budget

BLACKFOOT — Mayor Mike Virtue addressed County Commissioners Mark Bair and Whitney Manwaring Thursday morning to discuss the ambulance budget that was approved in 2010.
The numbers had to be adjusted to "break even," said Virtue. The first two years of the budget remained the same and a slip escalation was scheduled to begin in 2012.
Virtue said, "The levy may change plus or minus. There is a little bit of uncertainty but not much."
Bair brought up concerns about the Bingham Memorial Hospital pulling its contribution towards the ambulance service. Virtue said of the funding from BMH, "Twenty-thousand will be as good as it gets.
Virtue said, "We have done our very best to work out a schedule with the hospital. We don't have control over the hospital. We have done everything we needed to do per the contract."
With the approval of the revised ambulance budget one line of the contract will need to be changed regarding the 2012 escalation.
The commissioners will review the budget and make a determination at a later time. The Bingham County Ambulance District covers Blackfoot, Snake River and half of Firth (up to Goshen Road).