City will remove problem trees

BLACKFOOT — The Blackfoot City Council moved Tuesday evening to remove at least six of the eight spruce trees along Bergener Boulevard that have been the source of complaints from local business owners. However, the city will make every effort to transplant the trees to a different location while replacing them with smaller, aesthetically pleasing lowering pear trees.
Some local business owners complained to the city last summer that some of the trees were blocking their signs and storefronts; specifically Papa Murphy's and the strip plaza that houses Sally's Beauty Supply and GNC.
Although Tuesday night's meeting was not a public hearing, Blackfoot Mayor Paul Loomis allowed the public to speak out about the trees.
Longtime Blackfoot resident William Smith (of Lansing Street) spoke out in defense of the trees, saying, "Even with my 87-year-old eyes, I can see the signs in front of these businesses just fine. I see no reason to remove these beautiful trees just so someone with bad eyesight can see them."
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