Clearly superior

Staff Writer

Angeleena Pitchford is a business woman who is sure to inspire the entrepreneur in many. After being a social worker and thoroughly enjoying her job at SEICAA, where she had a phenomenal boss and was able to work with amazing people, she decided to start her own business.
Pitchford stated, "I wanted to set my own hours so I could spend more time with my kids. I knew starting my own business would allow me to travel and take time off when I needed to. Plus, I love service work and helping people." She went on to explain that everyone deserves to see the beauty of looking through a flawlessly cleaned window. Her company, A & J Services has provided that service to hundreds of people over the past six years.
A & J Services offers window washing, hard water removal, power washing (for houses, fences and driveways), they clean fans, light fixtures, blinds, shades (offers small repairs), screens, and they also change light bulbs. One of the many services that sets them above the rest is how they clean not only windows (inside and outside), but crossbars and tracks as well. Pitchford said they completely pull the track from the window to clean the entire track itself and where it sits.
When starting a company, people should think of what will make them special and stand above the rest. That's why Pitchford and her crew pay such exceptional attention to details.
When asked why she started her company, Pitchford said, "I met a lady who had her own window cleaning business. She inspired me to start. For people who want to start their own business, I would definitely recommend it."
Pitchford said that some of her greatest satisfaction at work comes from helping people and seeing amazing places. "Our customers mean so much to me. They're kind and appreciate me and my crew. Plus, with this business, we get to work on beautiful cabins in Island Park and many other areas."
Pitchford explains that there are so many amazing companies in this area and she's glad A & J Services is among them.
At the end of the interview, Pitchford said that she has been advertising with the Morning News for several years. She explained that she's eager to see what the future will hold for the Morning News and happy with the new management staff and the changes they're making.
Her company can be found on Facebook under "A & J Services" or by calling (208) 473-6400.