Colman resigns from Blackfoot School Board

BLACKFOOT — Blackfoot School Board Trustee Pat Colman has resigned from her position on the board, citing personal reasons. Colman was the trustee for zone 3.
Colman said she gave her resignation prior to the Nov. 18 board meeting. She was not present at that meeting.
Colman, who served as treasurer on the board, said she had wanted to resign from that position but ended up totally resigning as a trustee.
Unexpected deaths in her family prevented Colman from attending several meetings this year and have caused her to travel extensively, she said. Because of that she has been unable to keep up with her duties on the board.
“I just wasn’t able to do the job the way I thought it should be done,” Colman said. “My life has been on a constant go.”
Colman said she had previously expressed that she did not want to continue serving as treasurer on the board. But when the board voted to retain all offices in July, three of the five trustees—including Colman—attended the meeting via tele-conference. Colman and trustee Pete Lipovac voted against retaining the offices, but Colman did not express that she did not want to retain her office during that meeting.
Tensions on the board had nothing to do with Colman’s resignation, she said, and she viewed those issues as a challenge to overcome.
Superintendent Scott Crane said he cannot comment on the resignation until the board takes action on the resignation and declares a vacancy. They are expected to do so during the meeting scheduled for Dec. 16.
The board will appoint a person qualified to serve as a trustee within 90 days of the declaration of vacancy, according to board policy 248 regarding trustee vacancy. If the board is unable to appoint a trustee from the zone vacated, the board may appoint a person at-large from within the boundaries of the district.
If the board is unable to appoint an individual after 120 days, the matter will be referred to the board of county commissioners to appoint a trustee to fill the vacancy.