Commissioner district boundaries changed

BLACKFOOT — The Bingham County Commissioners approved changes to the commissioner district boundaries Thursday, moving Precinct 4 from Commissioner District 2 to District 3.
The move—required by Idaho Statute—ensures the population in each of the three districts is no more or less than 10 percent of the other two districts based on the 2010 Census.
The change only affects 2,701 people living in Precinct 4, which is the area of Riverton Road west of Blackfoot. Precinct 4 is now part of District 3, which includes nearly all of western Bingham County.
District 2, which includes the city of Blackfoot north to Wapello and south to the Fort Hall Reservation boundary, had grown to 17,522 people in 2010. The population in District 3 was just 13,132, prompting the change.
District 3 now has the largest population at 15,833. One-third of the total county population is 15,202. Bingham County's population is 45,607, according to the 2010 Census.
Currently, Whitney Manwaring is the District 2 commissioner and Ladd Carter represents District 3.