Commissioner reaffirms relationship with BMH

Bingham County Commissioner Chairman Cleone Jolley read a statement regarding the present-day relationship between Bingham County and BMH, Inc., Tuesday afternoon in the commissioners' chamber.
"In June of 2007, Bingham County transferred operations of what had been the county hospital to BMH, Inc.," said Jolley. "BMH, Inc., is a non-profit organization that works autonomously to provide services consistent with those that were previously provded by the county hospital.
"Along with this transfer of operations, Bingham County entered into a 99-year lease agreement of the property and buildings with BMH, Inc.
"The present-day relationship between Bingham County and BMH, Inc., may be compared to a landlord-tenant relationship," Jolley said. "BMH, Inc., operates the hospital that provides medical services and Bingham County owns the building and the land upon which the hospital sits.
"The authority of Bingham County to address the business operations of the hospital are limited by the terms of this 2007 lease agreement.
Jolley stated the commissioners do have an obligation to ensure that the terms of the 2007 lease are being met.
"The county commissioners are aware that law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney's office have been contacted regarding alleged criminal conduct that is focused on a person who is no longer employed by BHM, Inc.," Jolley said. "The commissioners do not believe it is appropriate to comment on that matter and, therefore, will not."
No comments or questions were taken.
Jolley recommended questions or concerns be directed to the hospital's board or staff or to the other agencies dealing with issues related to the hospital or to the prosecuting attorney's office.
The meeting concluded in under 10 minutes.