Commissioners ratify council election results

BLACKFOOT — The canvass
of the Blackfoot city council
runoff election was approved
by the Bingham County commissioners
Butch Hulse received 450
votes which was 57.8 percent
of the vote. Clair Broadhead
received 328 votes which was
42.2 percent. The votes cast
for both candidates totaled
The number of absentee
ballots issued totaled 207. The
number of returned absentee
ballots totaled 177. This was
almost 23 percent of the total
votes cast.
“What interests me is that
22 people took advantage of
same day registration even
though the general election
was just three weeks before
the runoff election,” said
Marlene Jensen, Bingham
County Election Director.
The runoff election for
Blackfoot city councilman
was necessary because of a
city ordinance that states the
winning candidate must win
by at least 50 percent plus
one vote.
The county ran the runoff
election but the city paid for
it. The cost was $6,187.42.
The bill was submitted to the
city of Blackfoot.
The commissioners also
approved the precinct
boundary change involving
those electors who live
on the southeast side of the
Snake River on the Fort Hall
Indian Reservation. Because
of redistricting, the Fort Hall
Indian Reservation is now
part of Fort Hall precinct
number 20.
Voters on the northwest
side of the Snake River will
remain in Pingree precinct