Cookbook on healthy eating debuts

SHELLEY – Healthy eating was front and center Saturday at The Ribbon Retreat in Shelley.
Barbara Moulton’s cookbook, “Just for the Health of It!” debuted. Moulton is from Shelley and is a registered dietitian and diabetes educator with Rocky Mountain Diabetes.
“When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, one of his or her first questions is, ‘What can I eat?’” Moulton said. “This book uses real food found in everyone’s kitchen to help answer that question.”
“I’ve always enjoyed cooking and changing recipes to make them healthier,” she said.
Each recipe is a Moulton original. Her challenge was to pass the taste test from family, friends and kids and to get the proportions right.
 “The recipes were sampled by a variety of people,” Moulton said. “If it didn’t taste good, I would ask them what they didn’t like about it. That way, I could get the flavoring right.”
She also had her five kids and other kids sample her wares.
“Kids are so honest,” she said. “They’re not afraid to tell you they don’t like it.”
At one point, after sampling various soups for five days in a row, her husband Darin asked her, “Are we on a diet?”
Moulton’s book, “Just for the Health of It!” has only been out a little while. It can be purchased on and as well as at Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center at 3910 Washington Parkway in Idaho Falls.
Moses Kinikini and his daughter Kaylee were the gray team on The Biggest Loser Season 11. Both are from Shelley.
At the start of the show, Moses wore t-shirt size 6-X. He now wears a size XL shirt.
“It was easier to do just that [working out and losing weight],” said Kinikini. “It’s harder to maintain.”
Each episode of Biggest Loser is filmed eight weeks before it shows, he said. “I asked to go home on week seven because I missed my wife. (At that point, Kinikini had been away from his family five and one-half months.)
“I got my life back and I was ready to move on,” Kinikini said.
What helps him maintain his weight loss is eating smaller portions, not eating as often and working out each day.
“I work out 90-minutes to two hours each day,” Kinikini said.
His advice to dieters is, don’t stop eating what you love, just eat smaller portions and not as often.
“If people sacrifice what they love to eat, they will never stay on their diet,” he said.
Since returning to Shelley from the Biggest Loser, Kinikini reported people coming up to him to say, “We’re huge fans; you’ve been in our home for three months now. We feel we know you.  
“When I’m grocery shopping, I think people come by my cart just to see what’s in it,” he said. “I was in Sam’s Club one time having just worked out at Apple Athletics for two and one-half hours.
“I bought a polish hot dog and drink and the guy serving me had the questioning air,” Kinikini said, “almost as if to ask why I was getting the hot dog.
"People want to see me succeed and that’s nice," said Kinikini.