Corn reigns supreme at Grove City Gardens

BLACKFOOT - There are 20 acres of fruits and vegetables planted at Grove City Gardens and everyone there knows "corn is king."
Car after car pulled into Grove City Gardens Saturday for the third annual Corn Daze. With the purchase of a dozen ears of corn customers were treated to two free ears of corn cooked Grove City Garden style.
The Mexican Crazy Corn is cooked husks on, then slathered with mayonnaise and sprinkled with cheese. For those wanting a little kick to their corn it is sprinkled with chili lime powder.
Richard Johnson, owner of Grove City Gardens, said he believes that the farm is a great environment to raise a family. The seven children operate the garden as a "means for summer employment to save money for their college and missions."
This is the fourth year since the family began the U-pick garden and it continues to grown. Johnson says they have added another quarter acre of raspberries and quarter acre of strawberries that will yield next season.
They pride themselves on providing locally grown produce, but for those items that just won't grown in Idaho they have an option. For items such as blueberries, cherries and peaches and pears Johnson says "we have them here, we know the growers in the different states personally."
New to the garden is the "Farm Fresh to You" (FFTY) program. Customers can receive a box of in-season produce weekly. The program is similar to
Bountiful Baskets, but Johnson says "customers can pick and choose their selection and quantity." For more information on the FFTY program call 403-2664.
This is the time of year the king of their garden -- corn on the cob-- reigns supreme. The community is invited to visit the farm and pick corn "on your honor" or buy from the front store. Grove City Gardens also supplies sweet corn to the Blackfoot High School Band for their corn booth at the Eastern Idaho State Fair, and has donated sweet corn to the Community Dinner Table and military dinner.
Grove City Gardens is at 246 West 200 North or visit them on Facebook at