County commissioners approve ambulance budget

BLACKFOOT — Bingham County commissioners approved the ambulance budget Monday. Commissioner Whitney Manwaring was excused because he was out of town.
Revenue from the previous year's budget has increased by $52,809. Expenses have increased by the same amount, $52,809.
Revenue for the ambulance district comes from four sources:
Property Taxes—$548,319
Ag Replacement Monies—$23,886
Override Levy—$125,000
Sales Tax/Other Revenue—$75,000
Revenue totals $772,205 from fiscal year 2012. For fiscal year 2011, revenue totaled $719,396.
Expenses for the ambulance district are divided into the following funds:
City of Blackfoot—$491,942.07
Shelley/Firth Fire District—$154,202.03
Aberdeen Fire District—$106,060.90
Reserve for Vehicles—$20,000
Expenses total $772,205 for fiscal year 2012. In 2011, expenses totaled $719,396.
There are three ambulance districts in Bingham County—Blackfoot, Aberdeen and Shelley.
Blackfoot receives about 65 percent of the budget; Aberdeen receives 15 percent and Shelley receives 20 percent.
"Population drives our business," said Fire Chief Kevin Gray. "Property values provide the funds."
Gray works with three budgets—City Fire, the Blackfoot-Snake River Fire District and Bingham County Ambulance. The Bingham County Ambulance District covers Blackfoot, Snake River and half of Firth (up to Goshen Road).
Salaries for 11 of the 26 employees are part of the Bingham County ambulance budget, Gray said.