County commissioners certify levies

BLACKFOOT — Voters will be asked to approve a permanent ambulance override rather than a supplemental one on the November ballot. Bingham County Commissioners unanimously approved this resolution on Thursday.
"This is not a tax increase," explained Bingham County Clerk Sara Staub. "It would have the same restrictions as all other county, city and district levies. Levy limits are set by state statute and have a 3 percent cap.
"Taxes should not increase," Staub said, "If approved, a new election would not be scheduled every two years for the ambulance override.
"A permanent ambulance override would become part of the budget base," Staub said.
In the past, voters have always approved the supplemental ambulance override.
Thursday, county commissioners also certified that the levies assessed in the Bingham County taxing districts meet state statute requirements and are under the 3 percent levy increase which the state allows.
These levy amounts will be submitted to the state tax commission, Staub said.
"Each taxing district, city and county have separate funds," she said.
There are 34 taxing districts in Bingham County. These districts include county, mosquito abatement, city, cemetery, fire, flood control, library and Moreland Water and Sewer.
The amount of money each taxing district receives is based on property values within that district.
For example, the Bingham County Mosquito Abatement taxing district will receive $176,000 less in 2012 than it did in 2011. In 2011, the abatement district received $681,000; in 2012, it will receive $505,000.
Snake River School District No. 52, Blackfoot No. 55 and Aberdeen No. 58 also will receive less during 2012 than the district did in 2011.
Staub said. "As school districts pay back their bonds, their levies changes."
Snake River No. 52 will see a decrease of $15,371 in its tax levy; Blackfoot No. 55 will see a decrease of $390,692 and Aberdeen No. 58 will receive $48,182 less in its tax levy.
Firth No. 59 will see an increase of $2,778; Shelley No. 60 will see an increase of $32,395 and Bonneville No. 93 will see a levy increase of $52,634.
The cities of Aberdeen, Atomic City, Basalt, and Shelley will see an increase in their levy amounts from 2011 to 2012. Atomic City will see an $86 increase; Aberdeen's levy will increase by $10,157, Basalt by $418 and Shelley by $7,991.
The levy for the city of Blackfoot remains the same as the previous year. The levy amount for the Blackfoot taxing district is $3,300,000.
Firth will see a decrease in its levy amount by $481.
For information regarding a specific district, contact the Bingham County Clerk's office.