County fifth graders enjoy Dare Day

Fun, sun, water, music and friends.
"It's Dare Day; what more can I say?" said Bingham County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Luker. He is the Dare officer in Bingham County.
"There are 800-900 fifth graders from every school in Bingham County celebrating their decisions to be drug free," he said. "They get to meet friends from across the county. High school role models from all five high schools are here to help."
Activities were set up in four areas on the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds. All the games were duplicated in each of these four areas.
The kickball game required the whole team to circle first base to score a point or circle third base to get an out.
Other activities and games included volleyball, dodgeball/freeze tag, relay races, water fights. All could get a shower from the firetruck during lunch.
Law enforcement and fire departments across the county sponsor this yearly event. Teachers and high school mentors also helped.
Asked what they like best about Dare Day, Hunter Adams said, "It's good; I can't wait to get wet."
"My favorite game was throwing balls for dodgeball," said Kyle Richardson.
"The water was my favorite," said Mia Wanstrom.
"It's awesome; the fire truck was the best," agreed Ziry Pelayo and Rhian Rudolph.
Asked what they enjoyed the most about Dare Day, high school mentors said:
"Watching them have fun," said Tony Lemos from Aberdeen.
"It was fun to see them play the games," said Dexton Lake, student body president of the Snake River High School. "I'm on the youth council; now, drugs are more of a problem for younger kids.
"Dare is a great educational opportunity to learn about not doing drugs," he said.
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