County offers voting services

BLACKFOOT — Curbside voting and AutoMark voting are available to electors in every precinct in Bingham County.
Curbside voting is done at the polling place. An election worker comes out to the person’s car to assist the vehicle-bound person.
To use this service, the person bringing the voter to the polls comes into the polling place to request that an election worker bring a ballot out to the car. Before voting, each elector must show some form of photo identification to vote.
All polling places have this service available.
All polling places have an AutoMark available for voting. It is designed for independent voting.
Any elector can use this voting device, Bingham County Election Director Marlene Jensen said.
Each polling place has an election worker assigned to the AutoMark to help the voter if needed.
An AutoMark is a marking device that can help the elector mark his/her ballot. An AutoMark is not a computer but it does have a screen on which a ballot appears so the voter can see his/her ballot more easily.
The ballot on an AutoMark can be seen with a white background with black printing or the display can also be reversed. The background would then be black with white printing.
Earphones are available to voters who would like the ballot read to him or her.
Anyone can use the AutoMark.
It uses the same exact ballot everyone else receives, said Jensen.
“With all the constitutional amendments this year,” Jensen said, “it would be much easier to view the ballot on an AutoMark.”
“AutoMarks are a federal requirement,” Jensen said. “The State of Idaho has spent $6 million on these machines. It would be nice to have people use them.”
Sample ballots are in the county’s libraries and in Fort Hall, Jensen said. To see a sample ballot on-line, go to
In all balloting, each elector must show photo identification.