County to transport solid waste to Bannock Landfill

BLACKFOOT — Bingham County commissioners elected to send solid waste generated in Bingham County to the Bannock County Landfill this week. The tipping cost to haul to Bannock is $26 per ton. The contract is for the next five years.
The previous week the commissioners had received non-qualifying bids for the service. The county did not ask for specific parameters, so there was lots of information to consider, Commission chairman Cleone Jolley said.
Having decided the solid waste will be hauled to the Bannock County Landfill, commissioners rejected all bids for operation of the transfer station and transportation of the solid waste.
"There were so many variables," Jolley said. "I do not feel any of the vendors met the qualifications."
Management of the central transfer station and transportation of the solid waste will be opened to all vendors who are interested.
Some of the specifics that need to be considered by bidders include:
° The solid waste will be transported to the Bannock County Landfill six days each week.
° The floor of fuel will be based on the pump cost of fuel on Sept.1, 2011.
"For every 5 cent variation of fuel, the county pays 1 cent per mile," said David Babbitt, Bingham County Public Works Director.
To receive reimbursement, the vendor needs to submit the number of trips, the number of miles and the cost of the fuel, Babbitt said. If the price of gas is above the floor of fuel, the county will pay the difference.
It works the other way as well, Babbitt said. If the price of fuel is below the floor of fuel price, the county will deduct the difference.
° The vendor needs to submit a plan for a five-year contract.
° The vendor who is selected to manage the transfer station will be allowed to recycle waste from the waste stream as long as there is no cost to the county.
° At the transfer station, the vendor will either need to have the equipment to move the solid waste or have a financial line of credit to obtain the equipment "to do the job effectively and efficiently," said Clem Hidalgo, Public Works enforcement specialist.
Public works officials and Mark Cornelison, Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Bingham County, are working on the request for proposal (RFP).
The RFP will be reviewed by the commissioners on Wednesday, Sept. 7, before it is opened for bid.