County voters approve all levies

BLACKFOOT — Voters approved all supplemental and plant facility levies in Bingham County Tuesday by big percentages.
Electors approved the Blackfoot School District No. 55 two-year supplemental levy for $1.975 million by 81.8 percent. The raw totals were 863 yes votes to 214 no votes. A simple majority was needed to pass.
Snake River School District No. 52 had asked voters to convert $375,000 of a previously approved $500,000 school plant facility levy to a supplemental levy for two years. This passed by 448-95 which is an approval of 82.5 percent. A simple majority was needed to pass.
Eighty-six percent of the voters in Firth School District No. 59 approved the renewal of a 10-year plant facility levy in the amount of $95,000. Raw votes totals were 435-72. To pass, 55 percent of the voters needed to approve this levy.
Shelley Joint School District No. 60 voters approved by 73 percent a school plant facility levy of $390,000 each year for 10-years. The raw votes were 436-92. The levy needed a 60 percent approval to pass.
Aberdeen School District No. 58 voters approved a one-year supplemental levy of $600,000 by 64.9 percent. Raw votes totals were 176-95. This levy needed a simple majority to pass.
Increased voter turnout was seen in each school district.
In Blackfoot, there were 1,177 ballots which is 13.8 percent of eligible voters. There are 8,517 registered voters in the Blackfoot School District.
In Snake River, 543 electors voters which equals 14.3 percent of eligible voters. There are 3,788 voters in the Snake River School District.
Firth saw 507 voters or 26.6 percent of eligible voters at the polls. There are 1,905 registered voters in the Firth School District.
In Shelley, 562 voters or 15 percent of eligible voters voted. Because of the boundaries of the Shelley School District, four polling places for this district are located in Bonneville County. There are 3,694 registered voters in the Shelley School District in Bingham County.
Aberdeen saw 271 voters or 22 percent of eligible voters in the two voting sites. There are 1,228 registered voters in this school district.
To see voting totals precinct by precinct, go to Bingham County government. Go to elections and then March 8, 2011, election results.