CPS completes two-year project at ISTCS

BLACKFOOT — Crop Production Services (CPS) has completed a two-year project in support of public education. Each year, CPS chooses a service project to benefit the community.
In 2010, the CPS crew first started spraying weeds for the Idaho Science and Technology Charter School (ISTCS) construction site.
The CPS crew continued to kill weeds and hay to make a playground and planted grass in a three acre lot for that playground.
The Rockford brand of CPS donated the chemical and the application of specially blended grass seed needed to plant the lot.
"Our company has over 50 varieties of seed and came up with a specific blend of grass to meet the unique needs of the school," Crop Consultant Leon Anderson said.
"CPS approached us to ask if they could do something for us," said ISTCS administrator Gary Larsen. "They have been marvelous to work with."
CPS employees who helped on this two-year project included CPS manager Todd Withers; Crop Consultants Leon Anderson, Zane Jensen and Jam Wasla;
CPS administrators DeAnn Bartausky, Chris Jensen and Jerry Jackson.
Crew members were Tim Williams, Jeff Hjelm, Cheryl Bartausky, Henry Camphouse, Dale Williams, Danton Cloward, Robert Keller, Jesus Oseguera and Taylor Short.