Crapo to support Donald Trump

Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo with Blackfoot Mayor Paul Loomis at a recent town hall meeting.
Staff Writer

A recent fundraiser for Sen.Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) event focused on family values and put everyone in a happy mood during this intense campaign year, and also allowed Crapo to officially endorse Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.
As part of a recent town hall meeting in Inkom, he was asked about illegal immigration, especially in the light of comments made by Trump and others at the time.
“I believe that we are a nation of laws and that we are founded on the principal of laws,” he said. “The question is whether we allow someone to come into this country illegally and grant them amnesty or deport the millions who are here. It’s a difficult quandary.
“I think if we grant amnesty, we just encourage more illegal activity, but deportation may not be feasible, either. I believe that a workable guest worker program must be implemented. This would not provide a pathway to citizenship but may solve some of the problems. We must also have very strong and aggressive protection of our borders and find a way to keep track of those here on work visas.”
Read the entire article in the May 12 edition of the Blackfoot Morning News