Deadline for write-in candidates looms

BLACKFOOT — People who would like to run as write-in candidates for city elections have until 5 p.m. on Tuesday to file as a write-in candidate in the city's office.
The declaration of intent write-in candidate form is available at each city office. The candidate must go to the city office to sign the form and have it notarized.
In a city election, there is no minimum number of votes the candidate must garner in order to be elected. However, in a county election, the write-in candidate must garner five votes to be elected.
All cities will have elections, even if the incumbents are running unopposed.
There are no zones in city elections. Qualified electors in each city vote for all candidates running for city officers.
City Elections
If there are write-in candidates for city elections, the slate of candidates will change. However, the current slate of city candidates is:
In Blackfoot, seeking election to city council seat 4 are Butch Hulse, Clair L. Broadhead and Randy Herbert. City councilmen Rich Woodfin and Farrell D. Cammack are running unopposed, unless a write-in candidate files.
In Shelley, incumbent John Lent will face Stacy Pascoe for Seat 2 on the city council. Jeffrey L. Kelley, Lorin Croft and Steve Cederberg are vying for Seat 3. Councilwoman Charlotte Fredrickson did not file for reelection for Seat 3.
In Basalt, mayor Larry R. Russell will face Michael Clayton Young for this position. Council member Pam Croft is running unopposed. No one has filed for Seat 2.
In Firth, Barbara Johnson and Kent W. Burch face no opposition for their seats.
In Aberdeen, city council members Larry Barrett, Gary Craig Wampler and Katherine O'Brien are running unopposed.
Mayor A. Morgan Anderson is running unopposed.
In Atomic City, city council members Donald Sorter, David M. Sonnenberg and Connie Smith are running unopposed.
Fire and Cemetery District Elections
Two other elections are being conducted in the county. These are for the Blackfoot-Snake River fire district and the Basalt-Goshen-Firth cemetery district.
In the Blackfoot-Snake River fire district, David Williams faces Aaron Moon.
In the cemetery district, Zone 2 incumbent Scott Jolley faces Judith Jolley.
Should an elector prefer to vote absentee, he/she can request an an absentee ballot be mailed to him or her from the office of Bingham County clerk Sara Staub.
An elector can vote also absentee at the Bingham County clerk's office, 501 N. Maple St. in Blackfoot, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Wednesday, Oct. 12.
Absentee voting continues Monday through Friday until 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 4.
The general election for city, fire and cemetery districts is Tuesday, Nov. 8. Electors will vote in their regular polling places.