Defendants dismissed from hazing case

BLACKFOOT — A complaint against Blackfoot School District No. 55, Blackfoot High School, former Superintendent Scott Crane and former high school principal Blaine McInelly has been dismissed in a hazing case which originated in 2012.
Plaintiffs in the case are Logan Chidester, Tyson Katseanes and Nathan Walker. The case was filed in Bingham County.
Plaintiff John Doe filed a civil rights case in U.S. District Court. At the time of the charges in the hazing case, Doe was a minor under the age of 18.
"After discovery, investigation and disposition, it was found that the defendants—Blackfoot School District, Blackfoot High School, Crane and McInelly—had not violated any of the plaintiffs' rights," said Bret Walther, the attorney who represented the school district, high school, former superintendent and former principal.
The hazing cases continue against other agencies and individual.
The other defendants in these cases the county of Bingham, the city of Blackfoot, former county prosecutor J. Scott Andrew, former prosecutor Randy Smith, former prosecutor Jared Ricks, former police chief R. David Moore, and officers Kurt Asmus, Paul Newbold and Justin Dance.
The city and county have requested motions for summary judgment.
A motion for summary judgment can be brought by either the plaintiff or defendant. This motion contends there is not sufficient legal basis for a lawsuit.
The motion for summary judgment will be heard by Sixth Judicial District Judge David Nye in February.