Demolition derby winners announced

The Demolition Derby sold out on Saturday night at the Eastern Idaho State Fair.
The Demo Derby is sponsored by the Blackfoot Elks.
Winners for this year's Demo Derby were:
Main Event
First — Robb Young
Second — Zach Matz
Third — Jarod Brown
First — Morgan Smith
Second Aaron Watkins
Rick Moore won the PIN.
Compact (Minis)
First — Pat Owens
Second — Amber Parris
Pat Owens won the PIN.
Powder Puff
First — Ashleigh Jones
Second — Cheyenne Hill
Ariel Tedrow won the PIN.
Mods Heat #1
George Sandoval won the PIN.
Mods Heat #2
Virgil Tedrow won the PIN.
The PIN is a stick with a balloon on it. It is put in the middle of the racetrack. The first vehicle to hit the PIN wins $100.
The Derby wrecked 64 cars this year, said Demo Derby chairman Douglas Bowers. That is a few more cars than last years.
"This was a great year, not only with more cars but also with more sponsors," Bowers said.
That means more money for youth activities. Each year, the Elks donate more than $20,000 to youth activities. The money is raised from the Demo Derby.
"We want to thank the fair board and [general manager of the EISF] Brandon Bird for the chance to show that we can grow this event each year and sell it out once again," Bowers said.
"The drivers are our main attraction," he said. "We start meeting and planning in a couple of months to do it all over again."
This year, the Elks also raised money for the families of the three electrocution victims—Jackie Poulson, Lance Hicks and Keith Tarpley.
"So far, $16,000 has been raised," Bowers said.
People have until Friday to donate to these families. To donate, go to Bowers Collision, 1311 S. Broadway St. in Blackfoot.
The winning ticket for the 42-inch flat screen television is number 244. The number was located on the program. No one has claimed it yet. He/she has until Thursday evening to claim the television.