Diabetes awareness month

BLACKFOOT— Susan Jensen, founder of Rollin For A Cause, has been successful in achieving her goal of having the Diabetes awareness ribbon printed on the front page of every issue of the Morning News for the month of November a reality.
"It's amazing what you can do if you go through the proper channels and just actually ask for something like this [the ribbon in the paper] to be done. It's amazing," said Jensen.
The month of November is National Diabetes Awareness month and today marks World Diabetes Awareness Day.
As you can see (on the top right corner of the front page), the ribbon is its designated shade of gray with a hint of red to symbolize the blood that is constantly drawn to monitor the blood sugar by those who have diabetes.
"It means a lot to see it on the newspaper," continued Jensen, "I would love to see as much gray in the month of November as we do pink in the month of October for breast cancer - I see it as a start."
There are lots of different shapes and forms of the Diabetes awareness ribbon.
In the U.S., the gray ribbon with a hint of red is accepted as the main ribbon, and the World Diabetes Awareness ribbon is typically both blue and gray with a hint of red.
"It takes me back to when my daughter was alive and the recognition of the AIDS awareness ribbon was everywhere, I would like to see the same recognition for diabetes," said Jensen.
Jensen is currently recuperating from the hard work put into the first ever Pumkin' Palooza. She said she'd like to, "thank everyone for the awesome support, and especially,Trisha Despain, who is the mother of a diabetic and was also the brain child behind the idea and in addition to her many hours of help and other donations, including the artwork for the posters, she also donated upwards of 60 pumpkins grown in her own garden."
Jensen is beginning a new quest that focuses on integrating more education and awareness about the disease, as well as the severity of Diabetes into the local schools.
"This disease [diabetes] kills more people every year than breast cancer and AIDS combined," continued Jensen, "and these families who are affected by it have to live with it."
Jensen is looking to decorate a Christmas tree to enter in the Christmas Tree Fantasy this year. She invites anyone who is interested in helping, or anyone who has a tree that could be decorated that would be willing to donate, to please contact her at 681-4846.
Rollin For A Cause accepts donations year round. All are welcome to visit its website to donate or learn what they are all about: www.rollinforacause.com.