District 55 moving forward to replace superintendent

Blackfoot School District 55 board members have implemented a plan to move forward in the process of replacing former superintendent Scott Crane, who resigned in June. The plan includes the implementation of a 15-member committee made up of teachers, administrators, students, business people and ethnic leaders, along with a series of public hearings within the district to gain community input on what they would like to see in a new superintendent.
In a work session at the district office Monday evening, all board members agreed that the community should be actively involved in the selection of the new superintendent and that it won't be necessary to spend money on an expensive hiring firm.
"It's time that we put this on paper and set a timeline on how we want to include the community and the patrons in this selections," said board chairman Scott Reese. "Let's set some milestones on where we need to be moving forward."
"We want the community to be stakeholders in this process," added trustee Mary Jo Marlow. "We can pull from the good people of this community..let them help with the screening process...and get this done ourselves without hiring expensive recruiting firms."
Treasurer Jenni Hong agreed, adding that she feels strongly that district high school students should be included in the process as well. "We have some amazing students...the student body president...those on the student council... they want to be and should be involved."
The board concurred that the new committee members will be based on recommendations by board members and will be announced at the regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 27. The newly established committee, with the assistance of board members, will then set a series of public hearings to be conducted in October.
District officials will post the position nationwide on Nov. 20. That posting will remain open for at least 60 days.
Reese said that it will be the ultimate role of the school board to make the final hiring decision and he hopes, that by sticking to this timeline, that they will be able to have a new superintendent selected by Feb. 1, 2013.
Chad Struhs will remain the interim superintendent until a new hire is in place.